Red Top Tynan ~ Born August 29, 2008

Tynan means small and dark in Gaelic and even though I picked this name before I saw him it fits him so well.  He is built almost like a greyhound and has the smallest white blaze of all my border collies.  Making him the smallest and darkest of the bunch.  Tynan is a cousin to Cayden who I lost a few days before my birthday in 2007.  I just had to have a relative of my beloved Cayden and I'm so happy it was Tynan.  He came to us a week after my birthday last September 2008.  Since the breeder was in Idaho the poor guy had to fly down to Texas since we were still there.  He is pure Border Collie and with that he is a bundle of energy.  Loves to chase the sprinklers or anything that is shooting water.  I have started sheep trialing clinics with him and we've had lots of fun with that.  He is so amazing with how natural it is for him.  I hope to have my own sheep soon where we can practice more.

Teague is one of our miracle doggies.  I named him Teague as it means "Beautiful Poet" in Gaelic.  After I lost Cayden I wanted to save every border collie I could find in the pounds.  I guess it was a way of coping with my loss.  I saw Teague on Petfinder at the Fort Worth Pound and couldn't believe such a pretty dog was there so long.  We had just added Kael about 6 months before and didn't really have the room or money for another dog, but I just couldn't help keeping an eye on his posting.  After two weeks and him still being on Petfinder my hubby gave in and we went to see him.  When we got there they dropped the bomb on us that Teague was Heartworm positive.  We knew it was an expensive treatment but we just couldn't leave him there to perish.  So we took him home that day.  After a long grueling EXPENSIVE treatment we are happy to report that Teague is HEARTWORM FREE!!  He is a NEAT dog to say the least but deathly afraid of lawnmowers.  We are glad to have him as a part of our family.  We guess he is Border Collie maybe a mix with heeler or aussie.

Kael is our other pound puppy.  As far as we can tell we think he is Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix.  I also saw him also on Petfinder at the Waco Pound.  He came to us groggy from just being fixed and you could tell he was not accustomed to indoor life.  He wasn't sure about even walking in the door.  Of course once he did he started marking EVERYTHING!  He was skin and bone and had 1/3 the hair he has now!  They told us they thought he was about 2.  Well his teeth were pretty well worn and he had a cyst on his ear which made our vet think he was more like 6.  We love him just the same and he has bonded very tightly with Belle.  They are like long lost soul mates.  Belle will clean his face and ears for hours on end.  They sleep next to each other most of the time and I even caught them sleeping with all four of their paws touching.  It was so sweet.  Kael means "Warrior" in Gaelic and it so doesn't fit him sometimes....LOL  He's a lover not a fighter.  The warrior comes out every now and then when he thinks he sees something move in the bushes and he pounces.  He is a grasshopper hunter extraordinaire.

Belle is hubby's dog all the way.  Of course a Border Collie.  She was dropped on our property in 2001 but we couldn't catch her.  Finally a neihbor coaxed her inside and called us to have us come get her.  Hubby was able to take her to work with him to help her bond so she wouldn't want to run away from us.  Hubby just lights up when he tells people about his hunting dog.  Yes....she is a bird dog....LOL  She retrieves birds from the water but once she gets them to shore she makes you do the rest.  She even retrieves his decoys.  She's daddy's girl.  Named for the Memphis Belle.

2000 ~ 2010

Maggie is a German Wirehair Pointing Griffon and was hubbys dad's dog.  Sadly we lost his father November 2008.  So Maggie has come to live with us where hubby can hunt with her as she was bred to do.

2003 ~ 2010

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Ok...ok so she's not a dog....but she does hang out amongst the dogs.  She also thinks she is the ruler of all.  Chloe was another stray that showed up at a relatives house and they weren't much for came to live with us.  I've always had cats and it's just not the same without one....sometimes....LOL  Sometimes she can really be annoying especially if you don't feed her promptly as soon as you get up and as soon as you get home from work.  Chloe was named for a character in the Left Behind series.

2000 ~ 2011