Tapestrys Always N Forever

"Sterling" was very special to us being born on our 10th wedding anniversary.  I sold him to someone who told me they would give him a great home and love him.  Only to find out that 6 months after they took him he died.  They didn't even offer him a necropsy to find out what happened or the courtesy of notifying me as he was never paid for.  I'm so sorry for letting him go to the person I did.  He would have been a fantastic boy and even possibly a smokey creme. 

May 20th 2010 1:45 AM - 2011

Grosshill Boogermans Demioselle

This girl was my dream come true.  Forever I've dreamed of owning a Boogerman daughter and to top it off she was a striking solid black beauty.  We lost Demi just 5 months after she arrived at our ranch to a enterolith.  It was the most heartbreaking choice to let this beauty go.